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Are you searching for an affiliate marketing company that offers you a chance to become an entrepreneur? Or are you an entrepreneur searching for a platform to sell your products?  You may or may not have heard about the company, ClickBank, but to learn all about this company, check out the information below to see if they are the right fit for your business.

“All About” ClickBank:

ClickBank is an Internet retailer of physical and digital products. The company acts as a marketing affiliate program. ClickBank’s SEO, Kevin Strawbridge, considers ClickBank as the place for entrepreneurs, ranging from vendors to ClickBank’s affiliates. Vendors can expect to be presented with several opportunities to sell their products. On the flip side, affiliates can expect to have a chance to utilize those products to create profit for both parties. There are a large range of products offered on ClickBank. Vendor products include categories like arts and entertainment, travel, health, games, self-improvement, e-marketing, sports, and many, many more options!

Founded in 1998, this Idaho based company offers their affiliates products that cater to nearly any niche. The company offers a simple, 4 step process for becoming an affiliate. Affiliates will choose a niche, build a website (referred to as their platform), grow their audience through social media and business platforms, and promote products by the vendors on ClickBank. Their website offers affiliate extensive training, explaining their process through detailed YouTube videos. Their advice helps their affiliates maximize earning potential on their site.

There are over six million registered users with this company – signing up to join their team is free. The pay is commission based.

Earnings are split between the vendor and affiliate. There are also opportunities available to partner affiliates with other ClickBank affiliates. These collaborations open doors for two different expertise to come together for the best outcome for each business involved. Opening that door offers another opportunity for split earnings. Those eligible for direct deposit will receive a payment weekly and those who choose to receive a check, receive their money every two weeks.

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How to Make Money with Clickbank, as a Vendor:

ClickBank provides an easy way for entrepreneurs to list their products for promotion. ClickBank offers an opportunity for both physical and digital products to be listed on their site.  You would sign up as a vendor and would be in control of setting the commission percentage that you are willing to pay ClickBank affiliates. Ensure that your website is easily able to convert into sales to maintain the best profit.

How to Make Money as an Affiliate:

Signing up as an affiliate with ClickBank is an investment to become an entrepreneur on behalf of their company and the vendor’s products that you promote. As an affiliate, you can decide what products you want to promote and, as mentioned above, the product options available to affiliates are limitless. Choose the product(s) in whatever category you want to promote to get started.

Commission rates can reach 75% based on the product you choose to promote. After choosing a product, you are given an affiliate link to share on other platforms. You can choose to promote the product(s) based on the vendor’s website and commission rate. It may or may not be worth promoting if the website is lacking sale converting techniques. The traffic you’re able to generate and the vendor’s website holds your ability to make money on ClickBank.

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How to Be Successful with ClickBank:

The commission success of ClickBank vendors lie in the hands of ClickBank affiliates. After deciding what product(s) you want to promote, you are informed of the commission possibility of that product. This information allows you to decide whether it is worth promoting. If you choose to move forward promoting the product(s), ClickBank offers advice for the best ways to promote it. You can consider creating a website, but there are other ways to promote products, such as email marketing, Facebook Ads, Twitter, etc.

ClickBank encourages their affiliates to take advantage of both free and paid traffic sources. These traffic sources influence conversion rates, which determines affiliate pay. Their site offers resources for yielded success with both options. Paid traffic can become expensive, but could be a quick way to promote the product(s). Free traffic, such as video marketing, can also be effective, but the results are gradual.

ClickBank creates a chance to build a business for affiliates, while promoting products for vendors.

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